Information & Guidelines

Whether you are a good photographer, a dog lover or have the prettiest, funniest, ugliest, most special, cutest dog in the world and want to show the bond between you and your dog with a chance of winning some money, the International Dog Model Competition is open for you.

We are looking for pictures of stunning, ugly, funny, cute dogs with or without their human, or touching pictures that tell a story, or create an emotion by looking at it. So there is no need to be a professional photographer or have a show dog (although those dog lovers are very welcome as well). We are looking for that special picture and/or dog that will be the winner of this competition.

The International Dog Model Competition will inspire all dog lovers in the world and will give the chance to show your dog or dog account on social media to everyone.

The competition ends on December 15th 2020 12pm European time following which a shortlist of nominees will be selected.

High resolution files of these nominees will be requested between December 15th till January 15th 2021.

Entree fee:  €3,50 Euro per photo